[PICS + TRANS] 131030 Naver Music: Story (WWW: Who, When, Why) Album Production


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Naver Music: Story (WWW: Who, When, Why) Album Production

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Story #1
Determine album release date and song preparation. Kim Jaejoong works on his music all the time, no matter where he is at. He is an artiste who writes heartfelt lyrics and melodies. Kim Jaejoong uses these music notes, piano, and headset for (WWW: Who, When, Why) album preparation.

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[INTERVIEW] 131029 Daum Music: Kim Jaejoong’s WWW (Who, When, Why)


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Q: Heard that the title of the album, ‘Who When Why’ is your idea. What does that mean?
A: ‘Who, when and why’ are three words that always appear when love begins and ends. Among the 13 songs in this album, I’ve participated in the lyrics writing of 10 songs, expressing my beliefs in love. This is an album with love as the common theme and I want to use different types of music and voice to express what I think of love.

Q: After listening to the album, I found that there is not only rock, but pop punk, ballads, a variety of music genres. Let’s introduce the album.
A:This album is mainly of rock music, including soft rock, hard rock, pop punk, ballads, music of different styles. It has rock songs with fast and strong tempo, rock songs which are more tailored to the general public’s taste…

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[TRANS] 131026 Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Esquire Magazine


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Q: This magazine photo shoot is one long after the last one in India. So, how do you feel?

A: Very interesting, very moving.

Q: What have you been doing?

A: Preparing for my album. A lot of memories surfaced during the process of song composing. It was especially so as I wrote 80% of the lyrics while I recalled what happened at that time. I have been quite sentimental these days.

(His tears dropped during the photo shoot. The photographer, Mok Na Jung, said it was the first time she cried following the tears of the person being photographed.)

Q: So just now…

A: Yes, a bit overwhelmed / emotional.

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