[LINE] 130428 JYJ Naver Line Update: Jaejoong’s Vacation in Tokyo!

Jaejoong, yesterday you really made my day (it sounds like some recharging did you some good 😀 )~ I needed that. Thank you so much always~<333


[TRANS] Everyone~ I’m Jaejoong~^^
How are you doing on fine spring days~~
I went on vacation
The vacation that I went after released my solo album and finished Asia Tour~

[TRANS] For a few years, the happiest thing is.. we could go on a vacation after hard working. Hahaha~~^^

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 130402 JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome (Day 1) – The Concert ♫


  • @XiahDerTod: Stage light is on #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Light is offfff #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Fans at the back are all standing up to welcome JYJ back ♥ #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @XiahDerTod: Red ocean ♥ #JYJinTokyoDome twitpic.com/cgdcra
  • @ceskjj: stage Iights up! 2 minutes!!!
  • @XiahDerTod: #JYJinTokyoDome start
  • @XiahDerTod: Red oceannnn http://twitpic.com/cgdd3s
  • @XiahDerTod: Japanese fans are crying #JYJinTokyoDome. ㅠㅠㅠ
  • @ceskjj: OMG the red lightsticks!! So pretty!!
  • @ohmyjunsu: Yoohwan has been spotted! #JYJinTokyoDome @yuri_AngelXiah 유환 지나감…RT @babyskymicky: ユファンくんが横通った!
  • @mihyanga: レッドオーシャン❤❤❤ http://yfrog.com/hs797ptlj
  • @sarithegate: おかえりなさいJYJ♡ #JYJinTokyoDome pic.twitter.com/PJcw3SvLfu
  • @hiyashi_tomato3: 赤! pic.twitter.com/yK7uGTxzQe
  • @ShadowJaeJes: Showing vid on scene, animation I think #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @racco__racco: スタート! http://twitpic.com/cgdd4q
  • @kaju0731: Yuhwan is in the venue^^ RT @XIAINJYJ: o(^▽^)o RT @taku_js: ゆふぁんが真後ろに♡
  • @ShadowJaeJes: OK the guys come out in the animation. #JYJinTokyoDome
  • @ohmyjunsu: Fans are crying because of a greeting message #JYJinTokyoDome RT @yuri_AngelXiah 처음 message에 울음…무슨 message일까 궁금타..ㅠRT @shachong: 最初のメッセージ
  • @mihyanga: #JYJ http://yfrog.com/ocn8loejhttp://yfrog.com/mg1vpxoj
  • @XiahDerTod: JYJ is OUT…

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 130404 JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome (Day 3)


  • JYJ_PH: Lights out! Con starts in 2 minutes!!!! #JYJinTokyoDome
  • XIAkiss: first day: welcome back | Second day: want to see you | today: always together~
  • JYJ_PH: Starting with the vid!!!!
  • SIXZEROZEROTWO: #JYJinTokyoDome Junsu’s brother, Junho, just walked into Tokyo Dome [3rebelangels]
  • parksheena6004: “Mama Park just behing me! kya” RT @Jen_BabyLove: ユチョンママと叔母さんがすぐ後ろに!キャー
  • lynncassio: Fans chanting for JYJ to appear #JYJinTokyodomeFinal
  • JYJ_PH: Fan chants are louder today!!!!
  • parksheena6004: FIGHTING!!! FiGHTOOO !!! ^o^ RT @miraclemyc: ‘The Return Of JYJ’ 도쿄돔 막콘 화륑그♥ #JYJinTokyoDome
  • pixelminor: Concert starts!!
  • pixelminor: The crowd today. It’s super fantastic and hyper. I do not know how to describe. Really makes me feel like crying now
  • JYJ_PH: Mission starting!
  • parksheena6004: MIssion!!! #JYJinTokyoDome
  • lynncassio: Mission prelude!!! #JYJinTokyoDomeFinal
  • lovemickysmile6: MISSION now
  • JYJ_PH: Wow they are coming out from 3 round steel thinggyyyy keke
  • JYJ_PH: Oh yoochun is reallly dancing!!!! Wooohooo
  • parksheena6004: Start. hair up Junsu, hair up YC, hair down JJ! #JYJinTokyoDomeFinal RT @jyjnormally:…

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