• DJ Bow is the MC today. He said “Anyong…I am Kim Jae Kan” lol
  • JJ is on stage now! Smile brightly ^^ K.June is our translator.
  • JJ said “How are you?” “Miss you”
  • Now, JJ is reading the fans messages on the board. He asked “What if there is question I don’t feel like answer?”
  • JJ chose Thai message, “I want to see KJJ does 3 animals dance” JJ “I Promise next time for elephant dance” showing pinky finger
  • another message “Would you marry me?” JJ “Hard to answer, I don’t know how you look like”
  • Q: “JJ, do you have furby doll?” JJ: “I don’t know what furby is XD”
  • Kor message “Please kiss kiss me” JJ”can’t marry but kiss is ok!” Then he kissed through camera, hide behand the wall shyly lol

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