JYJ3 Note: Some guests mentioned to be at the concert is not 100% confirmed


  • Omg haha licks fingers
  • He did the six giyomi at first he lick each of his fingers. But he wasnt able to finish it. Hid behind the boards lol.
  • He kissed each finger instead
  • A boy just said i love you to jj. Haha. Hugged by a long time
  • Winner gets a necklace again and JJ will put it on her. Her head is on jj shoulder kyaaaa
  • His english is like hey guys. Bye
  • YC now in video call
  • Yc is in music room
  • Omg he’s composing wohoooo
  • So niceeee
  • JJ is showing the audience to YC
  • White see thru shirt and white pants
  • Acting scene again
  • Eyebrow oppaaaaaa [YiHan]
  • He will be acting the scene with jj
  • Awww they hugged on stage
  • Showing picture of himself at his house.
  • Lmao photo instruction on…

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