Kim Jaejoong’s album cover teaser for his first solo mini-album has been released.

The photos were released on JYJ’s official FB account (http://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ) and has garnered a hot response.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were closed but did not reveal the hairstyle and outfit. C-jes entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics of all the songs in his album. His solo album contained everything about his life and music. The published photo depicts a sense of happiness and sadness at the same time which reflects Kim Jaejoong as an artist.”

In another photo, you can see a glimpse of the props and costumes used, like the leopard pattern jackets with funky style. Expectations have increased with the release of the photos.

C-jes said, “The album cover concept is “fatal beauty” and Kim Jaejoong has produced an outstanding result.”

“For the rock genre concept, he opted for the…

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  1. lilibaiyu says:

    Well…. yes. If there is anyone left on the planet who didn’t know this snippet of unadulterated truth, well – now you know. Jaejoong is a gorgeous creature. We know it, he knows it. Thus he is able to play, to experiment, to morph into different imaginings… can we ask or expect anything less from a massively talented, ceaselessly energetic and mercurial mind like Jaejoong’s? He enjoys the hold he has over his fans. Since he has given himself up, monk-like, to this calling – Pop Star & Homme Fatale – he has freed his mind from any other consideration but to tease, provoke and delight us. “Oh, good choice Jaejoong!” I say.

    We won’t know how long this self-imposed exile from the norms for all Korean men (filial duty to family, marriage, children) will last. So let us enjoy Jaejoong while we can. This is a face for the ages. There is only one. There is only Jaejoong.

    • claudellele says:

      Lilibaiyu! (If you were waiting long -for which I apologize- you now know why!) Joyous greetings, you have the honor of being my first commenter here (I’ve meant to reply to your last message to me on FB but life got ahead of me when school was still in session >.<! One of these days my friend…*Erk!*)~ If I didn't get to tell you so earlier, Happy New Year & I hope that you had a wonderful holiday as I did (I will start the winter quarter this Monday- it seems you've found my little not-so-secret niche of a wordpress blog that I use to keep track of posts that I don't necessarily feel like adding to my bookmarks but I am pleasantly surprised by your comment that you've just left me here! :))
      I couldn't agree more. To reiterate what you said the other day (or rather borrow your words), Jaejoong, with all of his gorgeous idiosyncrasies of nature that is reciprocally complemented by his appearance, of which our eyes & heart have the privilege of perceiving, he is truly one of a kind and one of his kind. Although history may outlast us, he will forever be immortalized in the future that succeeds us. Ergh, I feel compelled to use these place-holders for describing beauty as if I am hoping in vain to do him justice somehow & yet the disappointment of falling short is inevitable.
      Certainly this teaser brought responses of a varied spectrum. Despite some slightly crestfallen responses for a 'simpler' or more customary rocker look, I, personally, quite frankly love the concept he chose as it is one that is unheard of as well as one that only he is capable of doing. Or at least it's something that I haven't conceived of before anyway. If it's anyone who could embody this image impeccably, I can think of no one else. I am tempted to say that if he looks great, there is nothing to complain about. However, I recognize that many of his fans (including myself) are extremely passionate about him with a protective fierceness of wanting the best for him. In this case, it concerns what we think would best complement his talents along w/ his um good looks (beauty is obviously the more appropriate term but even that sounds one-dimensional & not to mention, repetitive). However, we must also remember it is Jaejoong who has the last say in what he thinks is best for him rather than in reverse. I highly doubt that he would proceed with this project like so without his approval.
      Of course, I acknowledge there are some who are under the school of thinking that it is his music that should shine rather than having his looks outshine the material when they do so already without any further adornment. At the same time, understand that we would be asking him to take the more conventional direction. Yes, image does not necessarily reflect the quality of the music, but image serves as its extension since it can affect our comprehension about the music. In my opinion, a more conservative rocker image would not be a fitting representation of his music along with having nothing to do with theme he has chosen. If I do not recall, he is not doing traditional rock as some of us might have been expecting according to recent news. In addition, it doesn't make sense to confine him by convention when he himself is an extraordinary, nonconforming individual, or being if you will. For as along as he can savour this liberation, let us enjoy it alongside him.
      While I certainly wouldn't mind the traditional look as he could look good in rags -or nothing at all o.o!-, but if you ask me, he could do that any day. Moreover, he still has a whole career ahead of him to do so if he wanted. He could do that concept at any time, but is it intellectually stimulating or taking a risk? Granted I am sure there are many examples of commercially safe album concepts that have been successful. However, there are many layers to the entity we identify as Jaejoong and we know that he loves a challenge. Certainly he can pull it off with virtually no effort but that would mean he would have to miss the sweetness of his acquired taste for challenge. Doing something well, simply by virtue of the fact that he knows he can do it, is not enough to convince himself he accomplished something as his reward. So why go down an already trodden path with a project that may very well be his most personal and important yet to date? On the other hand, the chances to do an ambitious concept (& one that is specifically tailored for him) such as “Homme Fatale” are limited. He wants to make this count. I embrace this as an opportunity to show us a side of himself that we haven’t seen yet! Furthermore, this teaser served its exact purpose in return: to provoke our sensibilities and challenge us as well. Between you & I, aren’t we glad that he surprised us with an unconventional concept such as this? My body and soul are screaming yes! & did I mention he looks ridiculously stunning with a resounding, eye-rolling-as-usual? ;3

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