Kim Jaejoong and sinawe’s Kim Bada. Although this is a unpredicted combination, it seems very natural and logical. Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album “I” is produced together by Kim Jaejoong, Kim Bada and The Koxx’s Shaun. This album is the result of Jaejoong merging everything he likes, skilled at, and fits with together. Singer who has debuted for 9 years, a member of JYJ, a relatively new actor – all these tags must make Jaejoong heart heavy. However, with the release of the first mini album, what Jaejoong thinks about this most is: because I like it, so I want to try; because I like it, so I want to show it for the fans. During the Round interview on January 21st, Kim Jaejoong opened up: “Because I’ve always liked rock music since I was little, so in spite of the burden, I chose to sing rock. I also…

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JYJ3 Note: Some guests mentioned to be at the concert is not 100% confirmed


  • Omg haha licks fingers
  • He did the six giyomi at first he lick each of his fingers. But he wasnt able to finish it. Hid behind the boards lol.
  • He kissed each finger instead
  • A boy just said i love you to jj. Haha. Hugged by a long time
  • Winner gets a necklace again and JJ will put it on her. Her head is on jj shoulder kyaaaa
  • His english is like hey guys. Bye
  • YC now in video call
  • Yc is in music room
  • Omg he’s composing wohoooo
  • So niceeee
  • JJ is showing the audience to YC
  • White see thru shirt and white pants
  • Acting scene again
  • Eyebrow oppaaaaaa [YiHan]
  • He will be acting the scene with jj
  • Awww they hugged on stage
  • Showing picture of himself at his house.
  • Lmao photo instruction on…

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**What follows is merely a fan’s interpretation of the music video. Please leave your thoughts in comment and discussions are absolutely welcomed!

When I first heard that Jaejoong is working on a solo mini album, I was beyond excited. Jaejoong, being my bias for forever and always, has so much potential; I’ve always been torn between wanting him to do more and not wanting him to overwork/burn himself out. As expected, this mini album, “I”, certainly matched my expectation if not went above and beyond. And the music video, oh the music video. I probably died many times over while looping it for hours on end. And here comes an uncontrolled and thus unbelievably lengthy interpretation post on the music video of ‘Mine’ as well as the song itself.

Let’s begin with my first impression.

Like most others, I thought ‘Mine’ was clearly directed at SM, and certainly the media…

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