Sina Entertainment News.

On the afternoon of October 20th, Kim Jaejoong held a press conference for his 2012 Nanjing fan meeting. After the press conference, Sina Entertainment held an exclusive interview with the artist.

At the press conference, Jaejoong shared his thoughts on his second visit to Nanjing and his latest developments. For his first time visiting Nanjing as a solo artist, Jaejoong has prepared songs and interactive games in hopes that partaking in these activities will bring out the loveliness in his fans.  In the past year, Jaejoong has filmed several projects, and wishes to use this fan meeting to showcase his personal growth. About his identity as both singer and actor, Jaejoong expressed that as a singer he really enjoys singing and recently, because of filming, he’s become addicted to acting and will strive to further develop his skills in acting.

Regarding Chinese actors, Jaejoong can…

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